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Jim McDougall

Wynyard Resident, Museum Committee Member

Jim McDougall, is semi-retired and a jack-of-all-trades and  he presently manages an apartment building in Wynyard. He is very interested in history, genealogy and generally old stuff. Jim has been working with the ‘Wynyard and District Museum’ since about 2010 before they moved to the present location. Jim was heavily involved in renovating and moving the museum to  the present location, which was originally known as  the ‘Pool Room Building’.

Wynyard and District Museum

Originally this was the ‘Frank Cameron Museum’ headed by Frank Cameron, a local businessman and was started in the 1960’s.  The collection was housed in an original one-room country school located on 1st Street West, near Highway 16.  The current museum committee was formed in about 2010 and worked to clean up the museum in preparation for the town’s 100th anniversary celebrations. In 2012 the museum purchased a building in downtown Wynyard and renovated it, moving the collection there in 2013.  It is now called ‘The Wynyard and District Museum’, and is open daily during the summer. The museum sponsors community events such as fashion shows, book launches, cultural events and community suppers. The building is one of the oldest in Wynyard, first built in 1906 as a country store named The Sleipnir Store and then moved to the Wynyard site in 1908. Over the years it was called a general store, a barbershop, coffee shop, pool room, bowling alley and now it is the location of the museum.