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Geoff Matheson

Geoff Matheson


Geoff Matheson is a Gemini nominated Editor and master storyteller who has spent the last 35 years working with award winning Canadian Directors. At 90th Parallel Productions for 19 years, Geoff worked with Director Andrew Gregg on over 10 films, most recently “Skin Head” CBC, (US International Film and Video Festival, 2018 winner), “Secrets From the Ice” CBC, (Chicago International Television Award, 2018 winner) and “The Tea Explorer” Doc Channel, (New York Film & TV Festival, 2017 winner). “Mom & Me” by director Lena McDonald, debuted at Hot Docs in 2015 to critical acclaim. His other films, “The Light at the Edge of the World” (Yorkton 2007 winner, Gemini nomination); “The Secret Mulroney Tapes” (Best History Gemini nomination); and “The Adventures of the Last Nomads” (Grand Prize, 2008, Banff Mountain Film Festival, Silver Screen, Gold Remi Award) are part of his long repertoire of films that have been screened and broadcast internationally.